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About Adam

Adam is a Student of Digital Artwork & 3D Design.
You can check out his works on
Digital Artworks that Adam enjoys include 3D Animations, Games & Electronic Music.
Adam has studied various different areas of Computer Science, including Programming, Website Development, Databases, Games Development, 2D & 3D Graphics, Animation & AI.
Adam likes to share his knowledge & creations with others.
Adam also hopes that people enjoy his developments, & wishes all the best
to all those who share in his passion for Digital Artworks.

Adam thanks all those who have helped him to progress in the world of computing!
The Journey Continues & the Quest for Knowledge is Never Complete.



Aaaa Coffee, the sweet nectar of life.
"Where would we be without Coffee?" One asks.
That delicious warm drink which wakes us up & heightenes our senses.
The wonderful aromas & flavours which brighten our days.
The pinnacle of the civilised world... Coffee!
Yes, Coffee! It is just so delightful, One simply cannot drink it enough.
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You have to admit, there is one thing which perfectly compliments a delicious cup of fresh Coffee... Donuts! Mmmm. So sweet, so tastey.
May the Donuts be with you!


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